Sometimes it slips my mind that my 'work gear' which is my 'rehearsal attire' can strike a questionable look when one is taken outside of it's studio environment! I should remember this whenever I introduce outsiders into my strange world as a dancer. Most of the time I catch them looking at me quite puzzled, followed by a quick scan from head to toe from my bun to plastic pants, right down to the moon boots that we schlep around in. Although there is a method behind the madness, I must admit a dancers studio style is in a league on it's own! 

In such a highly disciplined world, sometimes you just need to step back and make a little fun out of the 'craziness' in our ballet bubble. I want to share with you a fun collaboration I did with the talented Mitchell Rayner of MITCH'S MOMENTS. He is a close spunky friend of mine and has an innate talent of making and editing short, fun and witty videos.

Combining my style chronicles along with his how-to style videos, we decided to blend our two minds together and create (for comedic fun sake) a how-to look like a professional ballet dancer on the cheap! Here is our short tutorial on STUDIO STYLE ON A BUDGET!


NK xox



Video edited by Mitchell Rayner. Check out more on his youtube channel Mitch's Moments.