This stunning girl is Sophie Rose Zoricic. Her spinning world has got her travelling all over the world and has neatly and elegantly led her back full circle. She was born in Brisbane, made her first baby steps in South Africa, discovered ballet and learnt how to dance in London, finished her ballet training in Melbourne- Australia and now is a professional ballet dancer with The Queensland Ballet Company, back in Brisbane. 

I first met Sophie when she started her final year at the Australian Ballet School. We were introduced as part of the student/company member mentoring program and I was buddied up with her as a mentor... 4 years ago...oh how time flies! It has been wonderful watching her make her first steps into the professional world and her continuous progression in her career. This artist has such a striking presence on stage as well as off. With those exquisite doll-like features you can tell she is a natural in front of the camera as well as on stage.

With different touring schedules between us, it was a serendipity chance that we were in the same city for a few days and actually, Sophie was my first Studio to Street victim!

As we caught up on each others news on life and musings I took a few snap shots of her during the intervals of one our dress rehearsals she was watching. I mean she is a pretty easy subject to photograph but, what I love about this experience was that it was all unexpected, unplanned and it turned out just the way I envisaged it when I was dreaming up the concept and angle of my new blog.

It reminded me that although I was yearning for a secondary platform for artistic expression, it was not just about dabbling in 'blogging' or  just documenting styles...what I really take pleasure in and love about what this has brought me is that I get a chance to connect, meet and collaborate with old and new friends through a different medium. And the result is just this, Studio to Street. 

Most of whats to come is experimental and that unknown is exciting! I get a chance to push my own artistic boundaries beyond the stage and oh my, I am learning so much in regards to inter web data documenting, social media presence, writing, photographing, editing and all without boundaries or pressures!

However whats important in the meantime is to have fun with it, and how can I not when I get to catch up and snap gorgeous beings like Sophie!

Her style is just effortless. Caught au natural, barely no make up and modelling the clothes on her back, this girl is truly the definition of effortlessly cool! 

Scroll down to see more of her Studio to Street style and learn more about her through our little Q&A!

Twelve questions with Sophie.....

1. What would best describe your street style and studio style?

Well my street style is usually quite relaxed with some of 'me' thrown in there. I wouldn't say I have a definitive style..I like to experiment and be a bit creative, whether it be quirky socks, bright colours, a statement piece or items that you would just never think to put together! I enjoy mixing Vintage items with current trends. Same goes for my studio style..I tend to wear patterned tights, or bright lipsticks to lift my 'look'! Although it completely depends on my mood and the weather that day as to whether I wear simple 'ballet' attire with pink tights and a ballet skirt or long sleeve dark leotards and wooly warm ups.

2. What do you feel most comfortable in?

My pyjamas! But seriously, there is nothing better than slipping into a big baggy Peter Alexander nighty. During the day I feel most comfortable in my boots or Nikes, jeans and an oversized blouse or my bikini and a soft jumpsuit if I'm lounging at the beach.

3. What are your favorite studio gear and street outfits at the moment?

At the moment I am loving bringing my winter clothes out of the closest..although the sun is still out in sunny Brisbane, the nip in the air is a good enough excuse for me to throw on my big cardigans and the classic denim jacket! I can't go past my ten pairs of jeans..woops! In the studio I am loving my thick black woollen shawl that I picked up on tour with the company in Toowoomba two years ago from a huge St Vinnies store. I have only just discovered the joy that is the Uniqlo duck down vests in navy ballet wardrobe staple.

4. Where could we find you on a day off from dancing?

The beach!! Even in winter I find myself yearning just to see the ocean..I automatically switch off and relax. My weekends are for down time with friends and family. Visits to the movies, a bar on Saturday night or a Sunday arvo BBQ are usually on the agenda. 

5. How do you keep a well balanced life/work ratio in such a demanding career?

These little rituals (previous answer) keep me grounded and in touch with the important people in my life. However, I really try to keep week nights quiet. I will come straight home after work at six and take my dog Jasper for a little walk around the block. Then I will shower, cook a nice big home cooked meal and relax in front of the telly to get my mind of things! 

6. Do you have any nostalgic early memories of dancing as a kid?

My first prominent memory of dancing was when I was about five years old. My family was living in England at the time but we were due to move back to Australia before the date of my first ballet exam. So my teacher gave me permission to do the exam at an earlier date all by myself! I vividly remember a huge hall with just my little self, the pianist and the examiner. I think I really enjoyed the enormity of it even as a young girl and it must have ignited the fire in me to want to make a career out of it!

7. Where did you grow up and train?

I was born in Brisbane and moved to South Africa at 12 weeks of age for my dad's work. After four years there we moved to London where I really got into ballet at a small local school. Two years later we were back in Oz and I competed in my first eisteddfod. I trained at Annette Roselli Dance Academy before moving to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast at Anne Fraser School of Dance. I then trained full time with En Pointe Classical Ballet Coaching when I was twelve years old. After almost five years at the Australian Ballet School, I graduated and was offered a contract with Queensland Ballet! 

8. What is the most important lesson you have learnt in this career? 

I guess I am still learning new things in this career I have chosen and will never stop learning and taking advice! But for me I think the most important thing I have taken from my colleagues and instructors is to really dance each day for yourself. If you don't push yourself or really challenge your artistry and technique at every opportunity then you will never know your own capabilities. As corny as it sounds, you never know when it could be your last day to dance! 

9. What are your aspirations in life and career? 

I think the most important aspiration for me is to have no regrets. So when opportunities arise I cease them. I hope to one day have a beautiful family of my own, I want to travel and my life after dance will hopefully involve a brand new way of using my body and mind. As far as my dancing career goes I think my biggest aspirations are to keep growing and learning from every character and role that presents itself. I want to feel fulfilled when the time comes to hang up my pointe booties!

10. What would you not be caught dead in, fashion wise?

Hmm. Socks and sandals.. Oh and denim shorts that are so short they leave nothing to the imagination!

11. Do you have any pre-show rituals you want to share with us?

My general routine before a show is to have a decent meal while reading a book or mag and getting some fresh air. I have become quite quick at the 'preparation' process of hair and make up that I don't arrive at the theatre until closer to the performance time which often worries the other dancers that I won't be ready for curtain up! Although I always leave enough time to do a decent warm up and wish my partner a big Chookas for the show!

12. Your most treasured stage moment?

I've had quite a few surreal moments on stage so far. One of the most liberating was performing one of the four Russian girls in George Balanchine's Serenade. The amount of energy and precision required to perform this ballet was incredible.. it was so rewarding and an absolute privilege to be a part of every night. Another highlight was performing Romeo's harlot in Kenneth Macmillan's Romeo and Juliet with Carlos Acosta. I had to pinch myself that I was dancing with someone of his experience and stature!


Sophie Rose's laid back, girl next door beauty goes beyond the surface. Inspiring to note her intelligent approach, constant hard working qualities and her sheer tenacity towards her passion. It is always a pleasure catching up with her and seeing her blossom into the beautiful young lady she has become. The world is your oyster girl, keep spinning and shining your way through my little rose!

NK xox



What Sophie wore...

Leotard- YUMIKO


Skirt, leg warmers and ballet bag- LINA DANCEWEAR

Pointe shoes- BLOCHS

Photographed by Natasha Kusen.


What Sophie wore...



Shorts- Second hand vintage find.

Shoes- NIKES 


Photographed by Natasha Kusen.