S M K - Sandra Meynier Kang is a designer that is pushing fashion's boundaries by creating eco-friendly apparel. Since moving into the dance wear scene, S M K has caught my eye and I am so impressed by its dynamic vision to stand for ethical practices, cruelty- free fashion and produce eco-friendly garments!

Trying to be more earth-loving conscious these days, there was no hesitation in answering to collaborating with SMK and their innovative use of textiles, especially when it comes to STUDIO STYLE.

In pursuit of eco-friendly textiles and zero waste clothes, it led SMK to be creative in use of materials and design. Using PINATEX (pineapple leaves) and ECONYL YARN (nylon regenerated yarn, made from old fishnets and other waste material) these are just some of their innovative textiles used in their collections.

A standout of her collection has got to be the reversible leotards. Why hasn't anyone thought of that before?! It is absolute genius! When you love the cut, fit and fabric and you can't choose which colour?! Well, do not fear SMK has it covered.... you get a 2 for 1 in ONE leotard!!

Here I give SMK 's reversible leotard for a test spin.....



NK xox


Video conception and editing done by STUDIO TO STREET.

Photos curtesy of SMK. Have a peek of their range on their website, they do more than just casual street wear and dance wear! Check out their popular vegan lunch bags!