So this week I take Studio to Street to a different level. Instead of the recent ballet studio to street setting, I'm using this opportunity to share a proud project I was very fortunate to be apart of. I am taking you behind the scenes on a different studio setting, behind the scenes on a music video film set. Early last year, I was filmed for a music video for the band NERVO for their single 'LET IT GO'.  And it has finally been released!  

Who are NERVO you ask? Well, twin sisters Miriam and Olivia make up NERVO. Not only are they Australian musicians, but also record producers, composers, singer-songwriters, models and DJs. In their single, 'Let it go" we combine their music with a touch of dance, story and plenty of drama.

It was a wonderful and unique experience to be able to explore other parts of dance and expression in a different medium. Also diving into the acting and story-telling side of the project was something I was excited about and immensely enjoyed.

The team that was involved was a dream! A lot of work goes behind making a film clip like this. Most of it for us was in the studios with the marvellous Alice Topp who choreographed all the dance sections which mirrored the story plot, mood and ambiance of the song. I am so proud of her as this just shows her full potential as not just a choreographer for stage but she also has the magic touch for collaboration with other artists outside the ballet world. My partner Cristiano Martino (also a dancer with the Australian Ballet) who played my coke addicted, abusive boyfriend was also a dream to work with! Just pointing out, his characterisation and demeanour was pure acting and help from an expert make-up artist. Surprisingly I revelled in and felt super comfortable going to dark places with him in the acting element, and despite both being thrown in the deep end on shooting day, I am pretty proud of  the outcome as both of us were diving into something new and that was very very satisfying! 

The film crew, directed by Jeff Johnson aka FRANKMEETSWOLF.... absolute GENIUS! Well you can see for yourselves how talented they are! They created such a beautiful cinematic depiction of a dark story line, and working with both Jeff and Max Miller on the day was a lot of fun!

The NERVO sisters were pretty awesome to meet and to collaborate with! They are such colourful characters. Their italian mum cooked all the catering for the day...and yes it was memorably delicious! 

Now that the music video is officially released, I can finally share it with everyone. Also there are a gallery of behind the scenes and stills taken from the filming underneath..... Enjoy!

NK xox