BOUD x KUSEN – a passion project

Hello friends! I am quite excited to share with you some images from a wonderful collaboration I did with the incredible photographer Daniel Boud.

At the end of last year we talked about shooting an experimental project together. Pairing his expertise and keen eye for capturing movement along with my own pleasure in infusing Studio to Street's essence for fashion, styling and collaborating amongst my ballet realm... this shoot is the result of both our worlds merging together and all about the freedom to artistically drive it anywhere we wanted, as it was purely for our own amusement! I am humbly blown away by the glorious images Dan produced and so very proud to share with you this passion project.

For this shoot I was dripped in the most exquisite gowns by MATICEVSKI. *insert girly shriek!* I sent Toni the concept & mood from my research for the photoshoot and the dreamboat sent me over all of these dresses to play with! His gowns are just heavenly and inspired these elegant aesthetics and movement. We pretty much let Maticevski's dresses and Boud's impeccable lighting and shutter speed flair do all the magic, whilst I spun like a princess giddy on couture sprinkled fairy bread!!


.... Diaphanous series  {Light, delicate, translucent and gauzy}

In contrast to these shots, Dan wove his magic and secured some fun and playful items from ROMANCE WAS BORN. The result was a completely different vibe. Inspired with kaleidoscopic colour, beading and interesting artistic commissioned print work on the garments, my movements was enlivened, vibrant and bolder which resulted with a more jovial and athletic sentiment. I had such fun in the shaggy colourful mini, I felt like a fluffy bird dipped in a rainbow paddle pop! 


Location of the shoot was in Sydney's Carriageworks. A beautiful industrial space that juxtaposes the ethereal MATICEVSKI gowns and allowing the raw industrious background to compliment the colourful and playful ambience for the ROMANCE WAS BORN shots.


As I mentioned earlier, this 'passion project' came about from the personal commitment, desire and heart from some very talented individuals. Special mention to Daniel Boud for his wondrous creativity and incredible skills. Huge thank you for your generous time towards this personal collaboration project and for approaching me for this venture. I have always been a fan and I am very grateful to have worked with you. The outcome is beyond what I ever imagined and far trumped all those pinterest folders we shared with eachother!!! 

Also a massive thank you to my hair and make up artist Vic Anderson. Thank you for the dreamy look and sharing your generous time with us. You are a gem! Loved our make up chair talks, your prepared esky of snacks and meeting your gorgeous son who spared his mum during his holidays for us to do this project! And I can't forget my pal, Rohan Furnell. He was my eyes for the day and made sure my lines and poses were on point! I have always trusted his eye for direction and **spoiler alert ** .... he was our secret human wind machine weapon, zhooshing the dresses on cue for all those magnificent Maticevski shots! An all round dream team!! 

Merci and forever grateful to the generous designers Toni Maticevski and Romance was Born for letting us play with your amazing creations for the day! 

NK xox


If you are interested in any future creative collaboration projects with me, I would love to hear from you! 

Send any enquiries to or get in touch via the homepage drop menu. 


MATICEVSKI gowns with FREED OF LONDON pointe shoes | ROMANCE WAS BORN dresses & jumpsuit with SPRINGCOURT white sneakers.