ALICE TOPP- The magic beneath her hat is purely heart and soul

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This talented dancing goddess and emerging choreographer has been buzzing on the dance scene radar for a few years now. She has been nominated for the Aus Dance Awards twice... first time for her choreography debut 'Trace' in 2011 and then for 'Same Vein' in 2015, both for Outstanding Choreography. With those accolades under her belt, this year she marks her creative voice on the main stage for The Australian Ballet and to everyones baited breath has once again galvanized us with her spell binding newest work, Little Atlas. I am so excited to feature this creative soul as my first featured profile on Studio to Street.

Alice's unique voice in choreography is imprinting a very bright future ahead of her. To best describe her works they are a collection of perfectly thought out measurements of sensitivity, electric partnerships, human and touching moments, thought provoking atmosphere, soulful yet physical body language and pure beauty that can only be sourced from the depths of ones heart and soul that has experienced life's peaks and valleys.

Keep scrolling down for our Q&A together.....

N-What best describes your style?
A-Unique and low maintenance.

N-Do you think your street fashion sense filters into your work rehearsal gear?
A-I think my love for colour, prints and textural fabrics very much filters into my rehearsal gear...We spend more time in work gear than we do pedestrian clothing so I always feel like it would be a crime not to have fun with the studio ensembles! You can never take yourself too seriously I feel! 😉

N-You are known to have the biggest collection of warm ups and leotards (seriously I wish I could show you her jam packed treasure trove of a locker, umm next post perhaps?). What's your go-to studio rehearsal wear & what is your motivation for your daily choice?
A-I do have a rather large selection of leotards & printed tights!! I guess dressing in the mornings for class & rehearsal is driven by the way I'm feeling. Comfort is a huge factor for me but also I like to dress in a way that's fun... It sets me up in a good mood for the day ahead. I also find that it helps me keep perspective...when I dress more like me, it's a good reminder to not take myself too seriously & to keep perspective if I'm having a bad turning day!!

N-Where could we find you on a lazy Sunday & what would you be wearing?
A-You could find me downing a couple o ripper coffees while perusing the newspapers at my local cafe Stovetop & then heading to the G for a footy match, most likely wearing my trademark Rossi boots, a pair of jeans & vintage jacket/coat.

N-What is one piece of clothing you have worn to death?
A-My Akubra 'Squatter Hat'

N-What's the craziest outfit you have worn?

N-Who is your ultimate style icon?
A-Iris Apfel.

N-Whose wardrobe would you want to swap with?
A-Iris Apfel!!!

N-How did you get into choreography?
A-I created my first piece for the Bodytorque: A la Mode season back in 2010 after another female pulled out and our Music Director Nicolette Fraillon put my name forward as a possible replacement. It had never been something I'd considered or thought I'd be capable of doing so I felt like a complete wildcard and just took a chance. I'm forever grateful for those series of events because it's now my number one passion & something I want to continue exploring.

N-What's the most rewarding & the hardest part of the creation process?
A-The most rewarding part is the journey it takes you on together as a creative team...the surprises you create together, the opportunity to work with such incredible artists in their field from lighting to set design, to costume to music to the dancers, and the amalgamation of it all. It's like creating a recipe together as you go have all the ingredients & I love exploring what you can come up with.
The hardest part is the self doubt and constant self questioning!!

N-Where do you draw your inspiration from?
A-Inspiration for me crops up everywhere.. It's in conversation, stories, books, photographs, films, exhibitions, people, music, nature...I try and immerse myself in all mediums & make sure I really look, listen & live in the present. Inspiration is everywhere.

N-Tell me about your latest work, Little Atlas?
A-Little Atlas is loosely based around the notion of memory - our desires to recreate or unmake memories & our attachments to memory.

N-In 3 words plug Little Atlas?
A-Emotionally-fueled live sculpture.

Indeed it is, see for yourselves in the incredible images of Little Atlas below... 

N-In 3 words, what is dance to you?
A-My voice & heartbeat.

N-Whether you are superstitious or not dancers seem to have some pre show rituals, I know I do. What's yours?
A-I wouldn't say I'm superstitious or have any consistent pre show rituals but I do try and fit in a spot of mediation when I can...helps quieten the busy pre-performance mind.

N-Name one fashion trend that you just can't comprehend & would not be caught dead in?
A-Skirts so short they may as well be boob tubes!!


Alice's spunk and infectious whimsical nature compliments her eccentric style that oozes off her right from her hat down to her boots! She is one talented creative bunny, that you should keep an eye on!

Make sure you catch her latest creation Little Atlas, now showing at The Sydney Opera House as part of the Symphony in C program. Only 2 performances left, 12th & 14th of May. Go on, see it and feed your heart and soul!

NK xox



Treetrunks tights

Keto leotard 

Photographed by Natasha Kusen.


Gorman polka dot jumpsuit

Akubra from Strand Hatters

Zomp boots

Vanishing Elephant socks

Boheme leather backpack

Photographed by Jacob Sofer and Natasha Kusen.


Photographs courtesy of the incredible Kate Longley.

Dancers imaged: Vivienne Wong, Kevin Jackson and Rudy Hawkes.

For tickets to see Little Atlas as part of the Australian Ballet, Symphony in C program click here.