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Natasha Kusen

Welcome to Studio to Street! This is the beginnings of my little style project which has been brought to life by my present ballerina chosen profession and my own amusement and unexplainable obsession for dreamy threads.

Currently I am a Soloist with the Australian Ballet Company. Professional ballet dancer by day/night and spare moments in between (when I’m out of my sweaty leotards & tulle) I’m dabbling as a style spotter & blogger. To be honest, I am just totally smitten and crazy about the art form that I am lucky enough to call my job and where most of my pay checks go to…. my wardrobe. ?

Studio to Street is all about style spying professionals of all kinds. Mostly I will give you a glimpse of my personal studio style; what I wear to daily classes & rehearsals and my everyday street style as an off duty ballerina.

I am so fascinated by the eclectic style in my field of work. When I look around the studios, the dancers fashion ensemble showcases everyones individual personalities.
Inside our rehearsal studios, we have the freedom to wear what ever we please. Giving this license of expression and indulgence to a group of expressive artists, opens windows to such diversity of style. I love observing how many individual styles can filter into their rehearsal gear or how ones clothing choice can be driven by emotion and state of mind or sense of frivolity decisions that morning.
I want to capture and profile raw and natural styles of my very stylish and awe inspiring talented colleagues in all their sweat & glory in & out of the studios and any other professionals that I come across in the ballet world and beyond.

NK xox

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Photo credit-
First image: Rohan Furnell
Second Image: Daniel Boud